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You have a problem.

Maybe you know exactly what that problem is. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You might believe you have a solid grasp on the contributing factors – the people and processes and outliers involved. You might be right, or you might be wrong. Either way, you wouldn’t be here right now if you knew how to fix the problem.

Here’s the good news: We do.

After decades in communications and business consulting, thousands of hours of research and strategic implementation, we know one essential thing to be clearly true regardless of your industry or location or business size:


Whatever your organization is facing, culture plays a role.
We guarantee it.


Culture is key in every business, in every industry, regardless of size or location.

But it can be especially critical for businesses that are:


Whether you’re in the planning and hiring phase or have just launched your business, culture strategies are ideal for new ventures to make sure growth and financial goals are hit as quickly and efficiently as possible and that you’re setting the stage for long-term success and relationship building.


If you’re going through a major organizational change, such as a buyout, opening in new markets or adding products/services, that’s when culture is often put to the test. Which makes it a critical time for internal review to ensure you have the right strategies, processes and people in place for success.


If your business has recently experienced setbacks or growth challenges, it’s highly likely that some element of organizational culture has affected that. Don’t put a band-aid on the problem; dig in to identify the true causes and implement solutions that not only offer immediate support, but also long-term impact.

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Discover Specialized Program Tracks

From recruitment and retention to internal communication and sales, these individualized programs are tailored to your organization’s specific challenges, focusing on creating a strategic roadmap for improvement and growth.

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Comprehensive Culture Review

For businesses in need of a top-to-bottom to, all-encompassing analysis of culture-contributors like HR processes, mentor programs, employee morale, communication channels, customer service and much more.

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BOLD provides on-site and virtual training opportunities, offering interactive guidance that improves both the individual and the organization in areas like cross-training, mentorship, retention, sales and communication.



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