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BOLD’s Comprehensive Culture Review takes the guess work out of identifying all of your organization’s challenges through a wholistic approach, top to bottom and back again, while developing and implementing solutions that build on your existing culture, processes and goals. Culture Reviews are customized based on individual business needs and goals, but may include:


Are unintentional roadblocks preventing your business from attracting the best candidates? BOLD partners with employers to offer an outside perspective that brings internal insight to help your business move forward with the right people.


Engaged employees lead to greater productivity and profitability. BOLD will evaluate the state of employee engagement in your company and create a customized roadmap that identifies obstacles and outlines strategies for growth.


The relationship between employer and employee begins immediately at the offer. BOLD can take an outsider perspective from the new-hire viewpoint and offer easy-to-implement recommendations for engaging with your workforce from day one.


A well-defined training program sets the stage for success at all levels of your business. BOLD analyzes current training programs, compliance knowledge and testing structures to identify areas for improvement with solutions your team can build on.


As new generations of employees come into the workplace, mentorship programs are quickly moving from a benefit to an expectation. BOLD walks businesses through the steps of identifying if a mentor program is beneficial and if so, what type of program should be created.


Cross-training employees to learn and understand the organizational impact of other positions enhances the company’s durability should turnover occur, and increases agility when opportunities and challenges surface. BOLD evaluates current job silos and helps identify areas for cross training impact.


To recruit and retain top talent, a career path program is essential. Reduce hiring and turnover costs by developing from within and experience the benefits of a more engaged workforce. BOLD can identify opportunities for developing a career path program and help implement those strategies for the fastest impact.


Time waste. Errors. Disengagement. Customer loss. Revenue loss. All of these – plus a whole lot more – are impacted by poor communication within businesses all sizes. BOLD identifies communication gaps and recommends strategies for effective, consistent and timely communication at all levels of an organization.


B2B, B2C or even B2E…your reputation is everything. Organizations lacking awareness of what their wider reputation is among customers, the community, partners and even competitors, are putting service, sales and growth at risk. BOLD provides insight into current perceptions as well as strategies for ongoing reputation monitoring and management.


Whether your business is starting from scratch in developing a sale team process, or your sales program is well-established but you’re rolling out a new product or service, or expanding your market reach, every business faces challenges around sales follow-up and delivery. BOLD partners with organizations across all industry sectors to identify sales-related solutions with accountability and measurable goals.


Don’t wait until contract time or when sales are down to analyze customer satisfaction. Make it a priority for how you plan your next year’s objectives. Incorporate it as part of your strategic plan. BOLD will handle the work from start to finish and provide you with a report of key findings and recommendations for improvements and growth opportunities.


How is the communication chain from your desk to the front line? Does the impact lessen as it flows through the company or the details change as it passes from one to another? BOLD identifies communication challenges and recommends solutions for ensuring the message remains intact through internal and external implementation.


The landscape in organizations is constantly evolving, yet businesses rarely step back to evaluate existing employment roles and job duties to determine relevancy, efficiency and accuracy based on current product/service offerings, internal processes and organization goals. BOLD identifies new opportunities within organizational structure and job descriptions to take full advantage of workforce skills.


In the world of marketing, it’s all too easy for a business to oversell on a promise and be unable to deliver. Which leaves companies with a choice: Change the marketing message to lower expectation, or improve the delivery to meet expectations promised. BOLD helps organizations answer that question through a dedicated process of evaluating your marketing messages, materials and channels in conjunction with delivery of products and services.


Assessing workforce morale and internal engagement goes beyond job description and expectations, encompassing the pride and satisfaction that employees take in their work – all of which impacts efficiency, service and retention for your business. Whether it’s a wholistic, organization-wide approach, or focused on specific, hard-to-fill positions, BOLD evaluates job satisfaction and addresses needs at the position-level.


Employee turnover is expensive and too much of the wrong turnover can have a significant impact on workforce morale. Engaged employees are more productive and more loyal. BOLD utilizes customized surveys and other insight-gathering strategies to assess where your team stands, with recommendations for building on current programs and processes that support morale-building and culture advocacy.


Analyzing your customer service at all points of engagement throughout your organization is crucial to success. The BOLD team utilizes secret shopping tactics, customer surveys, online reputation review and other insights-based research for retail, nonprofit and B2B companies across the country, using that experience to develop highly customized strategies for customer service initiatives.

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