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“Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!



The majority of SEO pros understand how important user engagement is to their success. Without searchers coming to our sites and taking action in some way, chances are our place in the search engine results pages would drop. So how can we make sure that does not happen?


Setting a Clear Goal
First thing’s first: an effective content management strategy should start by setting a clear goal for that content and, most importantly, making sure that goal is aligned with your organization’s goals. Content can have many goals like brand awareness, community involvement, engagement, education, sales, lead generation, etc.


Identifying Your Audience

Understanding your audience inside and out is a crucial part of successful content management. This can be achieved by researching your organization: What are your interests and expectations? What questions does the audience ask in a search when they’re looking for the product or service you’re offering?


Measuring User Engagement

User engagement is any way in which a visitor to any of your digital properties takes action on that platform. Being able to measure user engagement helps to determine whether or not the previously set content goals were achieved. Following up and measuring engagement is thus a crucial part of successful content management and is key to demonstrating content value.


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