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Employee Recruitment + Hiring Processes

Why it matters: Job vacancies cost the average business $500 a day*. The repercussions of hiring the wrong person for the position can be even higher. The job marketplace is often competitive and qualified candidates have the upper hand. Consistently finding the right candidates for the right positions requires a thorough assessment of your recruitment and hiring procedures. Are unintentional roadblocks preventing your business from attracting the best candidates?

How to improve it: Insights from team members who have recently participated in your recruitment and hiring efforts, alongside perceptions between applicant, hiring manager and others involved in the hiring and onboarding process, can help identify those roadblocks. A fresh look at employee roles and job descriptions alongside current company goals and offerings can also uncover inefficiencies and growth opportunities. BOLD partners with employers to conduct objective reviews of internal recruitment and hiring processes, offering an outside perspective to bring internal insight and help your business move forward with the right people.

  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Hiring Processes
  • Job Description/Position Reviews

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Employee Engagement & Retention

Why it matters: Research shows that engaged employees make a difference – specifically, to your revenue. Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability** for businesses. Not only that, but engaged employees’ absenteeism is lower and retention rates are higher – both well-recognized bottom-line influencers.

How to improve it: With so much at stake, it’s important for organizations to invest in assessing the engagement of their workforce – comparable to the effort you put into measuring sales and financials on a regular basis. An empowered and engaged team magnifies what leadership can accomplish – whether you’re working toward a new vision, maintaining current efforts or rebounding from challenges. BOLD partners with organizations across all business sectors to measure workforce engagement, creating a customized roadmap that identifies obstacles and outlines strategies for growth.

  • Internal Engagement Efforts
  • Internal Communication Strategies
  • Career Pathing Programs
  • Morale/Satisfaction Measurement
  • Employee Retention Efforts

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Employee Onboarding, Training & Mentorship

Why it matters: Nearly one-third of employees don’t think their organization prepared them well during onboarding, and one in 10 workers have left a company due to a poor onboarding experience.* The relationship between employer and employee begins immediately at the job offer, and carries through the lifespan of employment with touchpoints like onboarding, training and mentorship serving as opportunities to position expectations, introduce organizational culture and build loyalty. Done poorly, these efforts hurt not only your employee retention but cost productivity, customer service and, ultimately, your bottom line.

How to improve it: Positioning employees for success through clear objectives, a defined culture, immediate and long-term expectations and ongoing training and support is key to retaining a productive and loyal workforce. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done with HR and management focused on putting out daily fires, maintaining production and managing customers and employees alike. BOLD assesses current onboarding, training and mentorship programs to identify inefficiencies, ineffectiveness and other hurdles that may be affecting your team and your business, and then we provide easy-to-implement recommendations for engaging your workforce from Day One and beyond. We also provide on-site training opportunities for employees and leadership teams, including soft skills, communication, leadership development, conflict resolution and more.

  • Onboarding Program Reviews
  • Training Program Reviews
  • Employee & Leadership Training Packages
  • Career Pathing Program Reviews
  • Cross Training Program Reviews

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Marketing Promise & Reputation Management

Why it matters: Some 85% of customers use the Internet to research before making a purchase – whether that’s ultimately online or in-store. Which means what people are saying about your product, your service or your business online matters. A lot. Managing your reputation is just one component of that process however. Actually delivering on your marketing or brand promise – what you tell customers you do – is just as important. Overselling is the fastest way to lose both current customers and keep prospects from ever becoming customers.

How to improve it: Through a dedicated process of evaluating your marketing messages, materials and channels in conjunction with your delivery, BOLD analyzes challenges and identifies opportunities for capitalizing on what you’re doing right – outlining how to approach the right audience with the right promise and through the right channels. Hand-in-hand with that process, a comprehensive reputation review will uncover deep insights into what your customers, your partners and your employees are saying about your business and how it may be affecting operations, sales and growth. In addition to assessing your current reputation, BOLD can help implement strategies for managing it moving forward. The process can be messy, but the long-term impact is game-changing, often leading to new innovations, products and processes that elevate organizations to a new level.

  • Marketing Promise & Delivery Analysis
  • Reputation Review
  • Reputation Management

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Sales Delivery & Customer Satisfaction

Why it matters: Whether your business is starting from scratch in developing a sale team process, or your sales program is well-established but you’re rolling out a new product or service, or expanding your market reach, every business faces challenges around sales follow-up and delivery. In fact, 61% of businesses list lead generation as their No. 1 challenge***. At the same time, we know that faster lead follow up equates to higher lead conversion. For example, businesses that follow up on sales inquiries within five minutes are nine times more likely to turn that lead into a new customer.****

How to improve it: Your sales team is always putting out fires instead of developing relationships with new and current customers. Sales are coming in but leaving at an unacceptable rate. Sales lead follow ups seem to move to next week’s to do list. Does this sound familiar? Maybe you have the sales team process lined out, but you have a new product or service you want launch and need guidance for delivery. With either case, BOLD partners with organizations to identify how to strengthen sales delivery with accountability and measurable goals, and then we work hand-in-hand with teams to analyze and improve satisfaction among existing customers.

There’s a reason the saying it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than find a new one is a cliché’: It’s true. Which is why customer satisfaction is such a key KPI for organizations. Don’t wait until contract time or when sales are down to analyze your customers’ happiness. Make it a priority in planning next year’s objectives. Incorporate it as part of your strategic plan. BOLD will handle the work from start to finish, providing a report of key findings and recommendations for improvements and growth opportunities.

  • Sales Delivery Analysis
  • Sales & Lead Generation Strategies
  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement

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Capital Campaigns & Nonprofit Strategies

Why it matters: Whether you’re planning a capital campaign or need growth in annual donations, fundraising is the lifeblood of most nonprofits and charitable organizations. Do it well, and the impact of your organization grows exponentially. Do it poorly, and there may be far-reaching effects for those who rely on your services and support.

How to improve it: From strengthening community and stakeholder relationships to leadership training, organizational positioning, outreach and fundraising strategies, BOLD partners with nonprofits to build a powerful foundation for sustainability and success.

  • Capital Campaigns & Fundraising Strategies
  • Nonprofit Organizational Support
  • Outreach Strategies

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