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Studies have shown employees spend more than three hours a day on mundane computer tasks. * You and your client encounter mundane tasks each day. This may include pulling data for a report or updating information on previously curated documents. The list goes on. As we aid in those tasks for our clients, it is important to take a step back and think about the purpose. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. How are the results of the task utilized?
  2. Do your results go beyond the client and to the end user/customer?
  3. What is the outcome if left incomplete?

By answering these questions, you are providing yourself with more insight, which will aid in creating a defined process. Finding ways to make it more efficient, sustainable, and consistent will help eliminate wasted time. Some examples may be putting checks and balances in place, training others for consistency, or creating opportunities for team collaboration as the task evolves. Whatever the task at hand may be, finding ways to streamline it will be beneficial to both you and the client. This will then ease the steps of sharing your process with the client in the case that replication is needed on their end. Depending on the task, this may be as simple as creating a shareable document with instructions and reminders.

As the process changes so should the mindset. Yes, the task at hand may be seen as mundane, but this is your opportunity to have a positive attitude and express to the client you see the importance of the task. Communicating in a positive way whether it is through email or phone calls will strengthen relationships and allow individuals to direct their attention to other tasks.

So, use this opportunity to “wow” your client and shift the outlook on the task and process. Those mundane tasks and their results will be more valued by you and your client which will be beneficial for the end users, the customers. Are you interested in improving your customer service more directly?

*Source: Business Standard